Say Cheese! Ceramic Cheese Knives


Say Cheese! Ceramic Cheese Knives

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Unique cardboard box packaging makes these a great gift for any cheese lover! Set Cheese Fork, Bell Knife, Blade Knife and Chisel Knife. – Cheese fork: Use this fork to firmly hold hard cheese in place while cutting into it with another knife. It can also be used for breaking apart hard, aged or crumbly chesses. – Bell Knife: The short yet strong blade is designed to cut through heavy and mature cheeses such as Parmesan. Use the tip of the blade to score the rind as well as dividing wedges and chunks into bite sized pieces. -Blade Knife: This versatile knife has a sharp, thin blade to glide through firm to semi-firm cheeses such as Cheddar or Gouda. It can also be used as a flat knife or to wedge firm cheeses with ease. -Chisel Knife: Use a wide blade to slice through crumbly to soft cheese such as Brie or Feta. It is also perfect to chisel or shave down on hard cheeses.

· Material: Stainless Steel/Ceramic

· Box Size: 8.625″ W x 7.125″ H x 1.25″ D

· Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

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